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Hello and Welcome at Rockstroh Drums

Rockstroh Drums is the manufactory for customized drums based in Leipzig & Berlin, Germany.

We produce sophisticatedly handmade drum sets, geared to the needs of the individual customer, of highest quality with regard to sound and design.

Therefore, in cooperation with external engineers, designers and other creative minds, we always work and tinker on new ideas and products.

According to our philosophy we do not produce in series; each drum is a handmade unicum and thus an absolutely individual item! In line with this, as an unique drummer.

YOU are the basis of our precise work. We guide and advice you from the beginning of your dream to the delivery of your final custom set, that will suit your personal needs and desires.

We would like to offer you all the possibilities in designing your own dream custom drum set. Exactly like you want it and that it suits you best!  

Be part of the “Rockstroh Drums Family”!  



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Stephan Hoffmann

Band: Walking Dead On Broadway

Stephan about Rockstroh Drums: “Who’d have thought the only thing I didn’t hear when consulting about my own personal drum set was “nope, we can’t do that.” All my expectations were met or even exceeded! Together with straightforwardness and personal opinions a piece of art was created, which causes a stir at every gig. And that’s exactly what I wanted!”
Tobias Gerth web 03
Tobias Gerth

Band: Swiss und die Andern


Tobi about Rockstroh Drums: