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Customer Reviews

Thomas Uhlemann

"Instead of being abled to build drum-sets, all I can do is just beat them. None the less, I had a clear vision of what should become MY set, only to hear a rare "Dude,honestly???" by Bruno himself. In the end this phrase turned into a "Man, that's badass!" at the handover ceremony and a beer. I think we both surprised each other in not only realizing my slightly unusual idea would be feasible but also turn out to be that awesome in the end! :) Yes, it takes a while to build a drum set and yes, it costs money - but it's fucking worth it!"

Lukas Kamutzki

“For several years now I’ve been playing a Rockstroh Drums Pimpin’ Set which I’ve been satisfied with from the beginning. This February I decided to have a custom set made. The process was quite quick, since I had exact images in my mind. However, the Rockstroh Drums Team had good ideas and helpful tips concerning configuration and design. When I finally got the set I could hardly believe it was mine, since it is exactly what I imagined. The sound is sick and I still can’t get over the finish. Respect and thanks a million to the Rockstroh Drums Team! You guys are the best!”



René Grocholl

“Since my expectations for a custom drum set are very high, and I wanted to deviate from Tubelugs, Chrom Hardware, and standard customizing, I was very excited and a little skeptical about the ability of the Rockstroh Drums Team to realize my visions and ideas. Rockstroh Drums is definitely able to do just that!

After almost a year from planning to finish (since haste only makes waste), I received a Rockstroh Drums drum kit that definitely earned the title CUSTOM.

Functionality, sound, eye catching design, and a super laid-back team! I’m speechless! The best of the best! A sincere thank you to all involved …”


Benjamin Wetter

“I only knew Rockstroh Drums by hearsay when I made the 700km trip from Zurich to Leipzig to try out one of their drum sets. Every kilometer was worth it! After a great talk in their workshop I decided to order a custom drum set.

Now I am owner of a Rockstroh Drums set and I can only say: It’s incredible!

Until now I could only dream of drums with this kind of power, they are manufactured perfectly and look amazing!

Rockstroh doesn’t only stand for top drums, but also for a great young team. Everything from their advice to administrative business was highly professional and at the same time friendly and easy. I felt like I was in good hands in Leipzig and had a lot of fun!"

A drum roll to Rockstroh Drums!”



Uwe Plociennik

"Uwe had exclusively played DW drums for many years. Since late 2013, he plays a custom set from Rockstroh Drums. Uwe: “The best drum set I’ve ever played. Firm sound, exceptional manufacturing and quality, stunning look.” 

Hans Stackenauer

“I came accross Rockstroh Custom Drums while looking for someone able to make me my first personnal and customized kit. Needless to say i am stoked about the kit they created for me and WITH me, they are really focused on what you want and still will be generous in advices and giving you ideas you haven’t thought about. You want something done right? Don’t hesitate, contact them and you won’t regret it. Rock on!”



Jochen Eberle

“You can either share your candy with your friends… or have them make a kickass set for you. Especially when your expectations go beyond those a retail set can fulfill! Rockstroh Drums gave me a big stupid grin on my face! Great Work!”



Johannes Wünsch

“As I was shopping around for a new drum kit I had difficulties finding a product that fulfilled all my needs. The retail sets of renowned companies didn’t feel like they could provide the sound I was looking for.

I wanted a drum set that provides a round, warm sound, is as compact in size as to not compromise its sound, and is of a quality that not only promises to last a while.

With these things in mind I contacted Rockstroh Drums, and was shortly after invited to talk to them. In a comfortable atmosphere we discussed how to build the drum set that would finally be able to live up to my expectations. Rockstroh Drums won me over with their outstanding expertise, attention to detail, and professional realization. The final product is as close to the instrument of my dreams as possible. Thanks to the Rockstroh Drums team for making my dream come true.”

Basti Monse

“A pile of cash for a signature stare of some low life rockstar? No thanks! Every musician dreams of playing an instrument than embodies all their visions. Especially the snare, since it’s the heart of a set. And Rockstroh Drums made exactly that a reality for me. Plus it’s a total stunner (even audiovisual) for any kind of music. Thanks!”

Thomas Helm

“I decided to get a Rockstroh Drums kit because they really only produce custom instruments which are built exactly the way you want them, down to the last detail, so nothing is impossible - just look at my 25mm thick snare shell. What I especially like about Rockstroh Drums is the overall final product of a set. The whole time is very friendly, and since they all are drummers themselves or work in the music business, they themselves appreciate the overall value of a custom set, i.e. sound, manufacturing, quality, looks etc. Rockstroh Drums knows exactly what they’re are doing and they’ve earned my highest respect!”

Marius Gebhardt

“The drum set is killer! No matter where we play or I put it up, it always sounds totally great and is very tuning-adjustable. It’s obviously also a total stunner look-wise, where my ideas and dreams were 100% considered and executed, and I’m more than happy with the result. Take a quick look and you’ll know what I mean”

Sebastian Matzke

“The cooperation with Rockstroh Drums has been really great! Every detail was realized perfectly, and the finished set completely knocked my socks of.”

Max Fürtbauer

“Rockstroh Drums. A freaking young company of helpful and nice drummers, who know exactly how to make any idea for someone’s dream set come true, and all this with high end workmanship for an absolutely reasonable price. A drum set for life, what else could you ask for?!”

Felix Bohne

“I am very very pleased with the super team, their super help, the quick and convenient communication and of course the set (!) It is insane! A dream in white!”

Stephan Mühl

“Great work, great team! I’ve been looking for a alternative custom set for quite a while, and finally found it through a spontaneous talk with a company around the corner. I did not regret selling my Sonor designer set for my new Rockstroh Drums set. Sound and looks are top notch. The perfect rock drum set. If only there were goldfish in the aquarium…”

Samuel Pfennig

“Everything’s shit and they’re all criminals!!! Just kidding! The drum set is exactly as I’d been dreaming about for a long long time - seven years! Prior to the construction and building of the set, everything from the smallest screw to looks/coating and size of the shells, as well as possibilities of the front head and its practical hole reinforcements, and much more was discussed. With the new set in front of me I celebrated the handover!!! Holy shit! The next day belonged to only me, the set, and the practice room, which lead me to miss an appointment by 3 1/2 hours!!! Conclusion: Everyone who’s down for an exceptionally good set and proper know-how and customer service has come to the right place in Leipzig!!!”

Thomas Gaitzsch

“Bruno and his team are first league, very good cooperation. Rockstroh Drums considers every and any wish. The quality of the drum sets is exceptional, as is their sound. Design and overall look and feel meet every expectation. I would buy another set anytime.”

Artist Reviews

Stephan Hoffmann

“Who’d have thought the only thing I didn’t hear when consulting about my own personal drum set was “nope, we can’t do that.” All my expectations were met or even exceeded! Together with straightforwardness and personal opinions a piece of art was created, which causes a stir at every gig. And that’s exactly what I wanted!”

Max Weissenfels

“Creativity and vision meet technical know-how, flexibility and reliability. These have been my constant observation since the beginning of Rockstroh Drums. The fact that I hadn’t been an endorser up to now never kept the crew from providing me the best support for years when it came to repair, tune, or extend my drum set. An endorsement of Rockstroh Drums was therefore the corollary to our enduring friendship and cooperation.

Not only do drummers receive a drum set perfectly customized for them, but also continuing support’”

Jerome Saborowski

“A big family full of love, harmony and a lot of power. Apart from their sensational work making straightforward customized drum sets, it’s especially the human factor that makes such a wonderful crew of this Leipzig drum shop.

And it’s exactly this positive energy you immediately feel when you test one of their sets. Like a dream inside a dream: You close your eyes, the set of your dreams in mind, open your eyes, and there it is. With a passion for detail concerning sound, but also design wise a one of a kind gem.”



Daniel Herrmann

“After a little too long of a time with my old drum set, the wish for a new one was strong. Something of my own, something individual. I got into contact with Rockstroh Drums since they often provided me with a rental drum kit for tours and video shootings. This is how we got to know each other better and better, and I quickly realized they had to build my future drums! At the many, sometimes quite long, meetings, they were very patient, carefully listened and did a perfect and prompt job in executing my wishes. Friendly atmosphere, a great deal of know-how and a passion for details. That’s what Rockstroh Drums is all about!”



Lat Vegas

“Julia, Bruno and Falk convinced me from our first meeting with great attention to detail and the intention to make my ideas come true. All this connected with an open-mindedness, for which I am very thankful. The quality of the product speaks for itself anyway!”

Julius Kraft

“I’m into instruments with a history. I love old drums and cymbals with a unique voice. I’ve spent a lot of time with the search and discovery of personal sounds. This will probably never end. Luckily I’ve met the kind people of Rockstroh, who recently started to help me with this never ending story. For decisions like the choice of bearing edge angles, or the question whether reinforcement hoops may help my personal sound ideas, they would always provide me with their solid know-how. It’s great fun to work with people who know their craft, share their experiences, and are on top of all so friendly.”


"Having played Drums made by a number of different Companies, it comes as no shock that Rockstroh Drums and I have decided to work together.

With their attention to detail and custom look, Rockstroh can really compete with best that the industry has to offer. As a touring drummer, i look for something that not only sounds great live, but drums that can complete my sound as well.
Doesn't hurt that they look really cool too!"


Björn Kerstan

“Bruno talked to me at a gig where he was supposed to play my set and said: the set was cool and all, but he had some better ones. Which is actually the case! After many cups of coffee at the Rockstroh Drums headquarters and the intensive teamwork to get a Rockstroh Drums workshop series going, I rented a nice Rockstroh Drums set and haven’t returned it since. Rockstroh Drums consists of a team aiming for the best and therefore building the best - honestly convincing instruments!”

Tim Ebert

“There are companies pretending to pay attention to you.

There are companies pretending to care about the artist.

There are companies pretending to be interested in a person, and that friendship is elementary for good teamwork.

Not only have I found the perfect drum set, a one of a kind piece with love and precision - which the sound demonstrates at all times - but also wonderful people, who I’ve not only grown to love, but also have deepest respect for.

Rockstroh Drums pay attention to you!

They care about you!

They are interested in you and your dream of your luxury drum kit!

All this together with sincerity, loyalty and know-how make it: perfect!!!!”

Christian Schwidder

“And there was a BAM! When I came in and saw my Rockstroh Drums set, I totally flipped! Better than I ever imagined!

What I want to say is that the people of Rockstroh bring out the best of you and a drum set. The sound blows you away, the workmanship is top notch and most of all: it’s one of a kind!

I am glad to be part of a creative family, which is always willing to listen, offers the best of support, just as you would expect of a good drum manufacturer, and a family that has a future!

Rock on and all of this…

And now we break the sonic wall…”

Friedemann Pruss

“Long awaited, finally found:

Handcrafted high class drums, customized exactly according to my ideas! Why buy a retail set, this is were I get the sound and the design that I want.

Plus road suitability and luxury quality.

The drums are also extremely adjustable when it comes to tuning. Deep, round and solid to jazzy, warm and open.

When I brought the set to Laing for the first time, the sound engineer was very impressed. You didn’t even have to tune much, it just sounded incredible as it was.

What knocked me off my feet was the acoustic sound in big clubs and venues. Set up during soundcheck, stepped on the bass drum pedal, and had to check if there already was a mic in front of it. Nope, there was none, it sounded acoustic as it would with a microphone!

I do play a lot of different kinds of styles; pop, hiphop, jazz, avantgarde. My Rockstroh Drums set works everywhere!’”



Fabian Stevens

“I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect instrument for years. An instrument that doesn’t leave any questions about sound, manufacture, or design unanswered.

Rockstroh Drums made my wish come true!

With incredible energy and joy you built me a drum set that is 150% what I’m all about. The passion that is put into every detail, and the perfection which contributes to every drum set’s unique features makes you certainly unique in this business!

A friendly team, which doesn’t only operate incredibly professional, but most notably values amicable cooperation!

A dream come true for every musician! I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future!”



Mazze Wiesner

“A lot of companies can probably build cool drum sets. But at Rockstroh it’s even more than just a cool drum set! It is The Drum Set! It’s celebrated. Every little detail is meticulously planned, designed and finished with the greatest perfection to get that one of a kind set. Apart from their dedicated work, I really appreciate the personal interaction with Bruno, Falk and Julia a lot! No matter what problem you have, they fix it for you, and this is, in my opinion, what really sets Rockstroh Drums apart from other companies! I feel very honored to be part of the Rockstroh family, because that’s what it really feels like. A big family that has time for you and keeps in touch, in addition to the professional support. I love it!”

Jari Rebelein

“Apart from quality and service, human interaction is always important for me. Now I’ve found both at Rockstroh Drums: a set that is everything I’ve ever wished for concerning workmanship, look, and sound, and great colleagues you actually enjoy sitting down with, having a beer and exchanging some ideas.”


Stephan Suske

“The perfection and dedication that go into each and every drum set built by the Rockstroh Drums team is outstanding. Every detail is thought through and my ideas were realized hassle-free and with the necessary know-how. I feel honored to be part of this extraordinary family that is Rockstroh Drums. The only difficulty is to actually decide on something when virtually ANYTHING is possible!”


Matt Krupanski

“Right from the beginning and during my work with Rockstroh Drums I’ve never been this satisfied with the quality and service of a drum company. It is very special to work with an independent and newly founded manufacturer. The diligence and cordiality is something you don’t usually find at big drum companies, let alone the incredible variety and outstanding products offered at Rockstroh Drums.”

Philipp Scholz

“Rochstroh Drums just came up and talked to me, and kept asking til I finally answered. A quick meeting, incredibly professional, and with a lot of passion. I couldn’t imagine a better situation!”

Stephan Voland

“The most interesting thing is obviously the service that Rockstroh Drums offers. You can talk to expert drummers about design and sound ideas, and have drums custom designed and made for your needs. That goes a long way in a world of mass production!”

Daniel Reuschenbach

“A competent and likable group, with the know-how and commitment you need. The just read my mind and built my dream set just like that. Pretty cool.”


“Super advice, super team, super sound, super craftsmanship, super service, super quality and super coffee!!! Cheers to Rockstroh Drums!!!“